Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tashi Mannox To return to the US for a Collaborative Workshop Sponsored by Shang Shung Institute and Khandrolng Paper Cooperative.

I bow down to the tradition, I don’t wish to compromise the tradition in the contemporary art I create, I don’t want to water anything down, if anything I want to promote the tradition of Tibetan Calligraphy in a contemporary way. I was trained that way -- Tashi Mannox

Tashi at Tsegyalgar East, teaching Tibetan Calligraphy, 2014, photo by Jacqueline Gens

Shang Shung Institute and Khandroling Paper Cooperative are pleased to announce that Tashi Mannox is scheduled to teach another Tibetan Calligraphy Workshop at Tsegyalgar East the Weekend of May 6 & 7, 2017. Further program information and schedule TBA.

The following link is to an in depth interview with Tashi Mannox by Jacqueline Gens reprinted from the Mirror in April, 2014 following his amazing 2014 workshop. 

To read about Tashi's previous workshop visit Khandroling Paper Cooperative page from 2014 with a slide show and review. 

Participants traveling from out of town may stay in the dormitory onsite for a modest fee or may select other lodging options from Tsegyalgar East's lodging page here. For directions, visit Tsegyalgar East information here [scroll past the 2015 Mohawk School venue info].

To reserve limited space in the dorm, please contact Jeremy, at 

Pamela traveled from California to attend the 2014 workshop, photo by Jacqueline Gens

For further information about Tashi Mannox and his work, visit his website at 

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