Tuesday, January 3, 2017

An Invitation to Visit Tsegyalgar East

Photo of Nancy Paris, Tsegyalgar East Webmaster by Jacqueline Gens, 2016

Dear Vajra Sisters and Brothers,

We'd like to invite any and all volunteers interested in helping with the maintenance of our Gar. You can come and stay for a week, a month, or even three. Motivated self-starters are especially welcome!

Some things to do include:

Cleaning is a steady need, including sweeping the main hall floors as needed and spot mopping as needed, setting up and breaking down/cleaning for Ganapujas.
If somebody is interested in collaborating with our Geko, Jeremy to manage the Gonpa, this would be fabulous.

Other things to do include setting up/breaking down and cleaning for any practices or courses as needed, setting thermostat, lighting, helping manage compost and trash and loading the truck about once a week, shoveling snow away from building as needed.
Stir your creative juices with some painting on the (North) wall, doors here, and touch up spots there. 

Organizing the tool room and rooms in the basement would be a great thing to do.
Cleaning up and fixing up the room Nary was in has been a work in progress. Would you like to be part of this effort? The closet in the Kitchen needs finished and sealed up.
If interested, and we hope you are, please write Jeremy at geko@tsegyalgar.org.

Thanks for your support. Please encourage other Vajra Siblings you know of that may be interested in helping...

Tsegyalgar East Gakyil

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