Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Karma Yoga Tasks for 2013 Retreats

Karma Yoga Tasks for 2013 Retreat

Hello Dear Vajra Family,The offering of one's energy in service to the Teachings is a wonderful practice that integrates body, speech and mind while creating many causes for our community to flourish and benefit ourselves and others. It is also a necessary force for the care, maintenance, and flourishing of Tsegyalgar East especially now as we still have much to do to prepare for the Retreat with our deeply-loved Guru Choegyal Namkhai Norbu. This is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our appreciation for his endless Guru activity in traveling the world to bring the precious Dzogchen Teachings to us and so many.  His vision inspired this wonderful Gar which we nurture with our activity of caring for it.Please join us in preparing for his arrival and the Retreat by contacting Dave at geko@tsegyalgar.org413-230-8305  to help with any of the following tasks.  Thank you.

School House Retreat Prep (2013)
Landscaping- Planting flowers, mowing, weed whacking, racking, sweeping, patching/repairing road with Trap Rock Gravel, Watering plants, chain sawing trees, cleaning, power washing, siding, painting, sweeping, spraying  poison ivy, putting up cones, signs, dump runs
 Cleaning- around shed/ building and clutter elsewhere

General- Tiding up, Dusting everywhere, touch up painting,
Gonpa- removing all unnecessary tables shelves etc. General Reorganizing, Painting Gonpa floor, decorating, dusting, cleaning rugs
Office/bookstore- cleaning dusting reorganizing,
Library- Cleaning/ reorganizing
Basement, cleaning, setting up
Dorm- Setting out sheets, dry walling closet ceiling, cleaning and setting up
Dorm- cleaning, redecorating, putting up blinds, blowing up air mattresses, cleaning, reorganizing closet, dry walling ceiling of closet, washing a few comforters

Lower (House)
Mowing, weed whacking, weeding, planting, cleaning clutter, lungta flags?, taking advantage of flower sales everywhere, Saturday for planting,

Upper Khandroling

Painting Guardian cabin steps, Painting Bathhouse steps, weed whacking, mowing, cleaning bath house, cleaning Togyal cabin, Lungta flags?, cleaning debris around cabins/ Vajra Hall, general beautification,  disposing of clutter (rotten picnic table etc.)     

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