Monday, May 27, 2013

Out and About Conway, MA Home to Tsegyalgar East

For those of you about to visit Tsegyalgar East in Conway, MA for the first time, here's the low down on a few town businesses who serve our community. For old timers you might recognize a few faces.

The main eatery in town is Bakers Country Store about 2 blocks from the Schoolhouse which serves breakfast and lunch. Helen Baker, the proprietor, will make dinners and extend her hours if people reserve the day before. She's also stocked up on gluten-free products at our recommendation along with lots of local farm fresh fruits and veggies. You can also get gasoline for your vehicle. 

Here's a great shot of Helen laughing over her impressions of the many "interesting" Dzogchen Community members she's met over the years. Bakers is the hub of this small town and that table closest to the counter is reserved for the local folks who "chew the fat," as they say, discussing all the local politics and telling wonderful stories that chronicle the town's history.

Pages Coffee Bar and Used Bookstore is a recent edition to "downtown" Conway. Located in the old Masonic Hall on Main Street, Kate and Laurie serve a variety of  expresso coffee, frozen  drinks, and locally baked goods.  Kate (on the left) is holding a frozen bar of her amazing gluten-free cookie dough for baking. It comes in several flavors--oatmeal pecan, oatmeal raisin and chocolate. They also carry local products such as honey, maple syrup and herbal formulas. 

Another local business, the closest to the Schoolhouse,  is  The Sunset Garage and Package Store. Here in New England "Package" store is what they call liquor stores which sell alcohol and cigarettes. Sunset also sells all sorts of necessities and a remarkably large selection of groceries packed into their tiny shop. They don't sell gasoline but they will change your tire and repair most everything in your vehicle for a fair price. And you might even find Bob with his fiddle.  Here's a You Tube video that expresses the colorful quality of the Sunset Garage on RT 116 or Ashfield Road.

Last but not least is the Conway Inn, the primary "watering hole" for Conway. On Friday nights they serve pizza and every night patrons can play pool. Barb, the owner is friendly and makes a great Gin and Tonic.  Here's  a photo of the inn taken on May Day with the annual Morris Dancers who visit all the hill towns.

Another You Tube of the Conway Inn. Beware it's boisterous!

To learn more about the town you can visit the Town of Conway website

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