Friday, February 7, 2014

SMS ONLINE Course on The Precious Vase by Chogyal Namkhia Norbu Now Available

Merigar West is currently registering for its online course on The Precious Vase by Chogyal Namhai Norbu, the base of all Santi Maha Sangha Studies. After three years, the Tsegyalgar East study group is not taking new members as it has completed several cycles of self-study of the text.Many  Thanks to Elisa Gonzales and Nancy Paris.  Everyone interested is encouraged to join the online class at Merigar West. 

The course is divided into 5 sessions which will be led throughout 2014 by the Merigar SMS Base teachers in rotation, according to the following schedule:
1 ) 8-9 February: Introduction to the study and practice of “Precious Vase”, Chapters I and II (until paragraph 4) with FABIO RISOLO

2) 12-13 April: to te end of Chapter II and Chapter III with OLIVER LEICK
3) 17-18 May: Chapter IV  with JAKOB WINKLER

4) 11-17 August: Chapter V and Chapter VI (in the morning explanation of Chapter V, in the afternoon practices of Chapter VII) with ELIO GUARISCO – SASHA PUBANTS – IGOR LEGATI – FABIO RISOLO
On 1-2-3-5 the hours will be:
Saturday 10-12 and 16-18
Sunday 10-12

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