Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thokcha:The Talisman Fallen From the Sky

Thokcha: The Talisman Fallen from the Sky . 

On the 23rd of December, 25 years ago, before a notary in Rome, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and nine of his students established ASIA, Association for International Solidarity in Asia, with the mission to preserve the cultural and spiritual identity of Tibet.

Today, a quarter of a century since that evening, ASIA wants to celebrate the milestones and achievements that have been reached with a special pendant: a Thokcha, a talisman fallen from the sky, the same as the one in our logo.

In Tibet the Thokcha are objects that are considered sacred and magical.Legend has it that they were not forged by human hands but that they fell to earth from the sky.
These talismans, generally made of bronze and metals of meteoric origin, can be traced back to the Bronze Age.

Their meaning is to be found in pre-Buddhist religious beliefs, particularly in the Bönpo tradition, and has been enriched with new values and forms following the introduction of Buddhism.
Traditionally, they are worn around the neck as a pendant or sewn to clothing or even bound to other sacred objects in order to attract good luck and ward off evil demons.

The Thokcha are objects of great importance for understanding the origins, and the historical and cultural development of Tibet and are part of the Tibetan cultural and spiritual heritage that ASIA has been safe-guarding for 25 years.

Made by Nepalese goldsmiths in bronze and copper, the Thokcha are a symbol of participation in ASIA’s mission and a way to contribute to our future projects. 

The funds raised will be entirely donated to support our activities and projects in Tibet. The minimum donation requested for a Thokcha is €25 to which we must add 5 euro for shipping charges for European countries. For orders coming from other countries please contact directly Linda Fidanzia.

For orders and information: or call:  +390644340034.

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