Friday, February 28, 2014

American Tibetan Medical Association (ATMA) Proposes Second Tibetan Medicine Conference

The American Tibetan Medical Association (ATMA) is a national organization representing the Tibetan medical profession in The United States of America. They are currently planning  their second annual Conference in NYC at the Rubin Museum for the summer of 2014. Among the many Tibetan doctors and Westerners trained in Tibetan medicine, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu will be the key note speaker. 

ATMA’s goals include: 
To serve as a representative membership organization of the Tibetan medical profession.
To serve as an official spokesperson for and representative of the Tibetan medical profession in theUnited States. 
To establish and maintain standards of education, ethics, professional competency and licensing. 
To provide professional development opportunities for Tibetan medical practitioners. 
To establish and maintain desirable relationships within the Tibetan medical profession, other professions, organizations, governmental agencies, groups, and with all reputable organizations of the Tibetan medical profession throughout the world carrying out compatible purposes. 
To affect public policy and legislation in all matters pertaining to Tibetan Medicine. 
To support the establishment of licensing for the practice of Tibetan Medicine. 
To develop, participate in, conduct and support Tibetan medical research programs consistent with Tibetan medical principles. 
To maintain the science of Tibetan medicine as a separate and distinct healing arts profession.

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