Friday, July 17, 2015

Catalysta Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Catalysta, founded by NY Dzogchen Community member, Ed Goldberg has launched an Indiegogo fundraising effort to complete the first episode of Season 1 of MunchCo Calling is now complete. He writes: 

"Since film school at NYU many years ago, I've followed my muse and embarked on a range of projects determined to realize my vision. It's been a long and winding road that's led to MunchCo Calling! 

MunchCo Calling! combines many of my favorite elements: humor, compassion, great stories, human crises, personal transformation, and super cute animals that talk. The tie that binds are the pitfalls and potential embodied by professions of every kind”.

The Catalysta Story 

Catalysta is a production company whose programs celebrate, explore and inspire work that’s born of passion, generates purpose naturally, and truly satisfies.

Catalysta builds upon three concepts:

  • There is a deep relationship between work satisfaction and well-being.
  • Both passion and work satisfaction are real, experiential phenomena that can be tapped and consciously developed.
  • There is a mutually beneficial relationship between developing one's true work nature and the health of a society, the natural environment and future generations.
MunchCo Calling! aims to hearten our audience with the possibility that opening to a career of passion and purpose is part of a process that will create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. 

The MunchCo Indiegogo Campaign 

The pilot episode of MunchCo Calling! is nearly complete. The goal of this Indiegogo campaign is to fund the next episode in order to present the the premiere season on a regular basis, build a sizeable audience, and attract sponsors to support future seasons.

[5-time Tony award nominee, Danny Burstein (Ralph Munch) with co-stars, 
Olivia Kinter (Binnie Bunny) and Alexandra Hellquist (Chickie Munch).]

To read more visit the MunchCo Indiegogo site here.

Watch the trailer here

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