Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NEW !!!! Ganapujas Now Webcast from Tsegyalgar East

Tsegyalgar East now webcasts live all four Ganapujas each month. This is a huge service to those who do not live in proximity to other practitioners so that they feel more connected.  Pujas will be held mostly at the Vajra Hall on Khandroling through August. Thereafter, they will be broadcast from the Yellow Schoolhouse. Full moon pujas will be dedicated to Mandarava practice and ganapuja. Many Thanks to Luigi and Jeremy for coordinating this project. 

Naturally, webcasts take place according to circumstances with either more or less webcasts depending on weather or other circumstances, as well as international webcasts such as WW Transmissions and Practicing Together series. Please join us virtually or in person here at Tsegyalgar East when you can.

The link to these webcasts is :
ENTER Password: KARMA (use all caps)

Donations are welcome, which can take place on the webcast page above.

To keep updated on the dates, times, and practices that will be webcast, visit the Tsegyalgar East calendar events page and weekly practice schedule.

The remainder of the July Schedule:

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