Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tsegyalgar East Mentoring Program

We would like to invite Dzogchen Community members to join our newly developed Mentoring Program to help welcome and orient New practitioners and members to our Community on their journey.

About the Mentoring Program for New Practitioners and Members

To join, please provide your contact info and a very brief paragraph about yourself for a Mentor list. Send to Diane Kramer, Gakyil Treasurer, at 

We will ask New Members to consider the list and select a Mentor. You will be notified of your selection, so that the two of you can meet in person or via communications. Your name will remain on the Mentor list until you are actively working with someone and will return to the Mentor list when you feel ready to work with a new Mentee. For those who volunteer, each relationship will be an individual experience, worked out between the two of you as you connect with each other.

Some of the Mentoring that may take place:

  • Introduce New Members to others at Retreats and programs at the Gar
  • Take the person on a tour of our facilities and explain a little of the history
  • Answer questions about Tsegyalgar East, the International Dzogchen Community and Dzamlingar
  • Explain a bit about Rinpoche’s background and the importance of a Living Master
  • Orient new members to Santi Maha Sangha, Yantra Yoga, Vajra Dance and Khaita – and encourage him or her to attend a session or demonstration in each area 
  • Explore the bookstore and suggest publications for new commers.
  • Help them get started with teachings and practices, and encourage individuals to be part of a practice group
  • Answer questions about the teachings as best you can, or refer them to someone who can answer their questions
  • Explain the Gakyil and how it operates
  • Encourage new members to volunteer in the Community in order to become quickly integrated into the Community. We are working on materials to provide to New Members and we will provide them to you as well.
  • Visit the Resource page for those new to the Dzogchen Community. 

Please join us in welcoming New Practitioners and Members into our Community.

If you want to volunteer or have questions, please email Diane Kramer
( Likewise Contact Diane if you would like to be introduced to a mentor. 

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