Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tsegyalgar West Los Naranjos Nature Reserve Capital Campaign

The Story
The Tsegyalgar West Los Naranjos retreat center in Baja Ca Sur needs your support to complete repairs and renovate its infrastructure from last year's damage from Hurricane Odile. We have made progress with a new roof structure for the meeting hall, but still need support to replace solar batteries, hot water heaters in casitas, etc. This funding is essential to keep the beautiful and peaceful center maintained for renting to groups, as that is an important source of income.

Please give to the Capital Campaign and we will give back in a program in acknowledgement of your gift! Please join us in collaboration by donating

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What We Need Funding for Infrastructure Repair & Renovation

Your support goes directly to the following projects. Our Goal of $54,000 covers installation of these priority projects by the Board of Directors:

SOLAR Batteries : $10,000 - Replace batteries . The existing are nine years old & don’t hold a charge. Hard to cook dinner in the kitchen without much light.

Utility Area & Bathrooms : $10 ,000 - Construct vented utility storage behind kitchen to protect utilities from wind and weather. Eco friendly bathrooms added to the common area.

Hurricane Preparation: $6,000- Shutters on windows and casita doors, road maintenance and drainage.

Upgrade Communications: $6,000 - (A matching grant available from a donor!) Add antenna for internet and phone reception. Needed for better communications in this isolated spot.

Hot water heaters $9,000 - Solar rooftop heaters were destroyed in Hurricane Odile. New systems will be protected with side enclosures.

Furnishings: $5,500 - New beds for dorm. Bedding/cabinets/curtains needed.

Kitchen hot water/separate sink: $ 2,500 - So cooking and cleanup can happen at the same time.

Tea Station/phone charging area. $1,000- In dining area for guests.

Cattle Grates and level parking area: $5,000- To keep the cows from getting into the gardens and causing soil erosion. Level parking.

Total Capital 
Campaign Goal: $54,000

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