Friday, August 7, 2015

Message from the Tsegyalgar East Gakyil

Dear Vajra Family,

Warm greetings from the entire Gakyil!
We are getting organized for another year of activity and would like to start by asking for your assistance, questions, comments and suggestions.

This year, Rinpoche has charged us with making our Gar financially sustainable (not depending only on teachings and membership) and spreading Yantra Yoga, Vajra Dance and Khaita Dance to the wider world. Both of these efforts will require intense collaboration and all of our clarity. We have already received a number of excellent ideas for sustaining our Community. And Yantra Yoga (and Naomi Zeitz) are going on a tour of the Southwest United States.

The Blue Gakyil represents the 'cultural and educational activities of the teachings' and is generally dedicated to communicating with the Community.

For our part, the Blue Gakyil will do our best to be excellent communicators and to make Gakyil meeting dates, minutes and Community finances available to you. You can expect an update in this regard within the next two weeks. Also we will discuss the time for our next Community meeting at the upcoming Gakyil meeting Sunday August 16 at 9 am.

For your part, we ask that you contact the Blue Gakyil directly with your concerns, comments or questions and we will make every effort to respond in a timely manner or forward your email to the appropriate Gakyil member. Our email address is

Also, you are invited to join the Gakyil (three positions are open-2 Red and 1 Yellow) for the upcoming year. If you are interested, please send a letter of intent as well as your interests and skills to the Voting for the Gakyil positions will take place at the Community meeting.

This is an exciting time at Tsegyalgar East and your collaboration is important as we move forward together. Let's evolve together.

With Love and Respect, Blue Gakyi

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