Monday, August 3, 2015

News from Kathryn O’Connor in Nepal

Kathryn O’Connor recently wrote from Nepal where she is volunteering with several organizations teaching art
I can’t believe I’vI can’t believe I’ve been here almost a month and I haven’t posted any photos - ok - maybe one! I’ve been taking them - I just can’t seen to get around to posting them! Anyway - here’s one from the first week! Had the good fortune to be able to join the CAM crew (The Children’s Art Museum of Nepal) at a government school they were working at.The children had such a great time working on their self portraits. They did some amazing work, too!

This one is from today - I love my walk to and from school. It’s just so amazingly beautiful!! And the road is anchored by my two most favorite trees!!  Two days ago I discovered the one at the end of the road - nearest the school has a natural heart formed by the bark!!  (I was with a friend and we also noticed there seems to be a kind of smiley face in the center!) 

-Reprinted from Kathryn O’Connor Facebook page

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