Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tsegyalgar East Gakyil Seeks New Members

"We do not insist that anyone be on the Gakyil, we ask who wants to be..."
Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Dear Vajra Brother and Sisters,

Our Community has many opportunities for collaboration
 and evolution and we need your help.

There are openings on all colors of the Gakyil:

The Red Gakyil deals most with the body aspect related to buildings, 
land, coordination of the physical aspectsof our Community.

The Yellow Gakyil work with the energy aspect - mostly organization,
admin, finances and fundraising.

The Blue Gakyil corresponds to the aspect of mind - general communication, 
cultural and educational activities of the teachings

On July 19th at our last Gakyil meeting, Matt Hayat who had applied for the Blue Gakyil position 
was approved by the Gakyil, pending Rinpoche's and Community approval. This was done in accordance with
article II #3 from the current bylaws:

Art. II 3 -- Vacancies
Vacancies on the board will be filled by a majority vote of the board, subject to
confirmation by a majority vote of members present, either physically , or by proxy or
ballot, submitted electronically or in writing, at the next meeting of the community.

We are also accepting applications for friends of the Blue Gakyil as well.
We are inspired by Russia's new Gakyil announcement of a full 9 person Gakyil
 plus 2 assistants for each color! While being on the Gakyil is a serious commitment it is not only a wonderful service to the Master and the Community, it is an excellent practice in itself. We encourage you to apply by sending a letter of intent and something about your qualifications and interests. 
Each applicant is required to have 3 years membership and be current with their 2015 dues. Computer skills (at least willingness to use email and Webex regularly) and a willingness to collaborate are important.

With Love,
The Tsegyalgar East Gakyil

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