Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ursa Major Gallery to Feature works by Paper Artist Sheryl Jaffe June 29-August 4, 2013

Maze Kaze, Sheryl Jaffe, Ursa Major Gallery June 29 - August 4, 2013

Sharing Light
an exhibit of handmade paper prints and sculpture.

Fibers and light that connect us, move us, reach us.
Sheryl Jaffe's luminous paper work installation is on view
Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5 pm
and by appointment  June 29- August 4
413-824-0502 or  413-585-9861

Paper- making reception   from 3-6 pm,  Sunday July 7
Shelburne Falls Art Walk    paper-making from 1-3 pm Saturday July 13

Fibers soak up water, absorbing everything in that water.  The fibers of our being, us humans also soak up water.  We, like fibers are held together by water and other fibers.  This is what paper IS.  Fibers that have been freed by their former constriction within the plant are now able to connect in any which way.  Their new connection is bonded through water.  Share a glass of water with a friend.  Go for a swim, make a new friend.  Make some paper and express your relationship.  How did you meet?  What binds you together?  Notice the light.  The light in the glass of water, the light on the surface of the river, the illumination of the river bottom.  Light and water.  What are we made of?  Elements that are new and different every day.  Light and water.  Plant fibers capture the light and water for our consumption, our expression, our pleasure and communication.  Share the light.

Sheryl Jaffe, 2013

U r s a   M a j o r   G a l l e r y,   1   D e e r f i e l d   A v e,   S h e l b u r n e   F a l l s   M A   0 1 3 7 0

Sheryl is a new member of the Dzogchn Community and one of the founding members of the Khandroling Paper Cooperative. 

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