Monday, June 3, 2013

A.S.I.A. ....Become a Village for the Girls of the School of Golok! Let's Get Them to School Campaign

It takes an entire village to raise a child

This is how an old African proverb goes.A village is a place where the people all stay together and work together, where everyone knows each other and helps one another. 

Together, we can be the village and help raise the girls of Golok by supporting the Let's Get Them To School! campaign. 

This year, with you, we became the village for all 536 nomad Tibetan girls! 
Thanks to all of you new ASIA sponsors, the girls will become strong women one day, fortified with 
deep roots in their history and traditions. Without history, without memory, it's hard to build a future.Today, we ask you to continue your support, to be “the village” for the girls of the school of Golok.We urgently need to begin the work to renovate the school, starting with the dining hall and the kitchen.
In order to begin the work we need:
  •  $156,000USD. 
  • So far we've raised $31,824USD, one fifth of what is needed

We know we are asking a lot, especially during these difficult times, but if each one of us contributes, we can reach this goal! 

For this reason, we ask you to be active in whatever way you can - get the word out to everyone, get your 
friends involved and contact all the people you think could be interested incontributing to the campaign!

Become a village for the girls of the school of Golok!
Create a village of supporters: together we are stronger! 

rt, involve your gym friends, 
your work colleagues, create a village and together support the school of Golok.
Send us a picture, something that shows you and your "village," the name 
of your village, and we'll put it on our website and on Facebook.


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