Sunday, April 27, 2014

An Interview with Tashi Mannox, Visiting Artist at Shang Shung Institute Reprinted from the Mirror

Tashi was in residence for a Tibetan calligraphy course here at Tsegyalgar East April 4-6, 2014 co-sponsred by Shang Shung Institute and the 

Khandroling Paper Cooperative
Visit here for an article and slide show of the special weekend 
The following interview was conducted by Jacqueline Gens on April 7 2014  and transcribed and edited by Naomi Zeitz of The Mirror.

Jacqueline Gens: I think we would like to start with your life as a monk. How old you were when you became a monk?
Akong Rinpoche (left) and Tashi Mannox as monk  
Akong Rinpoche (left) and Tashi Mannox as monk

Tashi Mannox: I had just turned 22, quite young. Akong Rinpoche suggested it. I had wanted to become a monk since one of my first encounters with Tibetan Lamas on a family holiday in the Mid-South of France at one of the first Buddhist centers in Europe. I met these old wizened lamas and they were really great with us as kids. I was around 11 years old or something like that and I was really inspired by them. They were really kind and very wise and quite simply I thought, “Well I want to grow up and be like that.” I looked at my own parents and other adults and they just seemed to be quite neurotic compared to the monks. The monks were happy. So that was my motivation. A happy life. I loved the way they looked. Whenever I would see them I would kind of pull at their top robe and wrap it around myself.

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