Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Urgent Collaboration Request - Beautification of Khandroling

Dear Vajra Family,

As you may know, last Fall we cut down approximately 20 acres of white pines from the land at Khandroling. Cutting these trees has opened up the energy as well as very beautiful scenic views, and will allow for natural habitats of animals to flourish in the near future.   For more information on this project, you can read the previous post, Taking the Long View.

Currently, the next step in our beautification of Khandroling, is to dispose of the large piles of brush and trees that have been accumulated during this endeavor. We are looking forward to the Mandala Hall Inauguration and the Tsegyalgar 30th Celebration that will be taking place this July, with many events taking place on the land.

We have looked into several different ways of disposing of this waste, and until now, have not found a timely, economically, and environmentally sound way of doing so.  But we recently received a very auspicious and timely offer from a local Wood Chipping company that could potentially clear up our land in a very quick and efficient way, all in time for our planned events. The process of making wood chips from the debris ia an effective and aesthetically pleasing method that would enhance a park like environment while creating a ground cover mulch to nourish the land. This method is far more sustainable than more radical methods of burning or excavation. 

The local wood chipper estimates a cost of $3700/day, and we think it would take about three days to complete the job, for a total budget of $11,000. Tsegyalgar East has received a state grant of specialized funds for this project, but unfortunately there is only about $4000 available for this project at this time.It is extremly important that we book this company immediately as they are greatly in demand.

This means, that in order to clear the land as much as possible before the events this Summer, we need to raise about $7000, and unfortunately, we need to raise it very quickly.  The wood chipper operator is only available in the near future, so he's asked us to confirm by this Monday, April 21st, whether we'll be able to do the job, and how many days of chipping we can commit to.

[photo by John Foster April 2014 with debris awaiting the chipper]

We invite you to collaborate together with us to make Khandroling a beautiful place for this Summer's events, for our many international and national guests, and for the future in general. Any amount you are able to give will be a huge help to our common goal of a beautiful Khandroling.

To give to this project, please send the donation of your choice to:
securely through our website via Paypal or email Harold our to pledge your support in the timeline and method of your choosing.

Thank you very much in advance for your help, and we look forward to seeing you all this Summer!

David Hayes
Tsegyalgar East Geko

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