Sunday, April 13, 2014

Khandroling Living Center Proposal Update

As part of their general perspective on the land, the Khandroling Development committee*have the possibility of three separate building sites. The first site which has already been cleared of trees and a road roughed in at present is designated for what we are calling the "Khandroling Living Center". The proposal presented at our last meeting (visit there) is composed of a four bedroom house with a large commercial type kitchen and a Gompa. One bedroom will be reserved for the Gaykil and the other three for permanent residents who will pay rent to off set the expenses of the house. Team members invited the community to present this proposal. This building will service the entire needs of the Dzogchen Community in a sustainable way as part of the proposed transition to Khnadroling. 

The architectural style will be as Rinpoche suggested something that is local and from the area, to which we are suggesting a complex which will closely resemble a New England farm house. ( See drawing above). 

Our next step in the project is to install the infrastructure and hire professional design services ( we need an engineer to draw up a septic system and a land surveyor to break out the area as a separate building lot) along with that we need to install the sanitary system, bring in power lines and drill a water well. Cost for this phase is estimated at 60K.  When we have completed this work or Phase 1, we would be ready to start Phase II construction on the building.

The other two areas do not have a definitive use associated with them yet. Some things that have been proposed are; an end of life house ( for those with a terminal condition to be able to spend their last days at Khandroling), a guest house for folks doing a pilgrimage to the Terma site, more comfortable facilities for people in the summer encampment program.  

This summer the Khandroling Development Team in coordination with the Tsegyalgar East Gakyil will be presenting further information sessions to the Community and to Rinpoche.  If you would like to be involved in the team efforts and receive periodic updates, please contact Joe Zurylo at 

[Rinpoche on his way to the three sites he selected for development during the summer of 2013]

Written by Joseph Zurylo, April 2014

*Co-Chairs Yuchen Namkhai and Joe Zurylo with committee members Andrea Lawrence, Vern Harrington, Al Daggett, and Sean Quinn among others.

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