Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Few Mandala Hall Updates on Khandroling

                         (Photo by Paula Barry)

The primary work this season on the Mandala Hall continues to focus on the final phase of preparing the surface and coloring the design on the Mandala Hall floor.

The following photos show but a fraction of the work undertaken by Jim Smith and volunteers who prepared the surface by washing  and laying out the grid of the mandala in order to draw and tape the concrete. Further explanations forthcoming. The following photos are by Paula Barry and Efrem Marder.

Ricardo washing the concrete to prepare the surface. (photo by Paula Barry)

Here is Jim Smith's method for precise drawing of the mandala's dimensions.

Efrem Marder taping one of the outer Thigle

Efrem and Jim Smith taping the outer Thigles

Sean Quinn taping

More photos and narrative to follow soon.  Thanks Jim Smith & company!

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