Sunday, August 4, 2013

"Let's Get Them to School" A.S.I.A. Campaign

The "Let’s get them to School!" campaign continues!:Together, we will be the village that supports the schoolgirls of Golok!
The 550 girls attending the Golok school come from nomad families roaming around villages of the Golok prefecture who still live in the traditional way, in tune with nature and animal life rhythm cycles. For their daughters the school represents a unique opportunity to access quality education tailored to suit their needs and cultural rootsThanks to their school curriculum, these children will become women aware of their choices and potential.Their school, as you may know, needs expansion and reconstruction work. At the moment we are concentrating on the most urgent projects, such as the construction of the dining hall and a new kitchen which will allow the preparation of meals for all the schoolgirls, now that their number has largely increased thanks to your help and contribution. URGENT! We need to sign the contract with the construction firm in order to begin to work early in September before weather conditions start to deteriorate. 

This is the reason we are asking you to help us NOW: we still need to raise 77,000 Euros, a big amount which we hope to collect thanks to your generous support! Please consider making your donation now so we can get to work!

We know that you will rise to this challenge and join us because when people unite and become a community something extraordinary happens! The solidarity created by the “village” of people who have decided to support the schoolgirls of Golok will start a virtuous process where single contributions will add up and the end result will be a lot greater than the sum of the single parts. A donation from each and every one of you is crucial right now to our success in educating these children. Time is passing! The colder weather is coming and it will make our work more difficult or impossible if we don't act now!

SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGNBecome the Village which will help Golok girls to learn & grow. What can you do?
 DONATE Every contribution is important. 

Even a small sum will help us to get closer to our objective.
You can donate by:Credit card through our websiteBank draft to ASIA Onlus IBAN: IT 27 M 01030 72160 000000389350

To make a tax deductible donation through ASIA America:
1) Mail a check made out to ASIA to P.O. Box 124, Conway, MA 01341-0124
2) Make a payment with a credit card on Paypal to:

PUT YOUR ENERGY INTO MOTION. Organize a small or a big event. Support the campaign with your talent. As of today, there are many group of friends who have become a village and are supporting the campaign by organizing dinners, ad hoc parties or simply fundraising events. Read their stories and start writing your own!WORD OF MOUTH. Follow us on our Facebook page and forward this mail to your contacts. Help us to engage your friends by telling them about us and this campaign.


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