Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tsegyalgar East Gakyil Seeks to Fill Two Gakyil Positions

The Gakyil of Tsegyalgar East has an opening available and two coming available on the board of directors. There is one immediate Gakyil positions open – for Yellow Gakyil.  Candidates for the Yellow Gakyil position that just became available will be selected as soon as possible.  There will also be an opening on the Red Gakyil at the end of September and a Blue Gakyil opening available at the end of the year.

Towards that end, we would like to ask interested parties to submit letters of interest to the Gakyil describing a bit of background and experience.

1)     Apply for membership expressing your interest, your skills and community experience
2)    Three years of active community participation – does not have to be sequential years
3)    Attendance at three retreats and/or three webcasts
4)    Willing to a one-year renewable commitment each year, for up to three years
The work involves taking concrete responsibility for day-to-day activities and projects, which, on a practical level requires common sense, a capacity for collaboration, patience, and a willingness to offer time and energy to help maintain and develop the Gar. The average weekly time commitment is 12 hours/weekly with daily internet communication.Our mutual aim is to preserve and disseminate the precious teachings and methods transmitted by our Teachers.
Here are the responsibilities and job descriptions for the three colors of the Gakyil:

Blue Gakyil
 Shared Responsibilities —
·         Plan and organize all activities related to the teachings, retreats and other relevant activities;
·         Extend invitations to the Master to teach in Tsegyalgar East;
·         Develop a year-round calendar of practice programs and teaching retreats with resident and visiting teachers; organize and announce all activities related to teaching retreats, collective practices, and webcasts for Tsegyalgar East and Khandroling events and weekly schedule;
·         Invite and arrange for various instructors and experienced practitioners to lead different events (courses and practices) and see to their accommodations;
·         Coordinate and delegate responsibilities during teaching retreats and weekend workshops;
·         Collaborate in organizing retreats with the Yellow and Red Gakyils;
·         In collaboration with the Yellow and Red Gakyils, select and train a project manager to take responsibility for organizing each event and all associated activities that need to be implemented;
·         Update the website weekly through ongoing communication with our webmaster which requires accuracy and attention to detail;
·         Ongoing collaboration with SSI, ASIA, Tsegyalgar West and other lings in North America for the implementation of events and courses;
·         Maintain ongoing communication throughout the community; develop publicity for all events; publish notification of all activities;
·         Interface with the International Gakyil of the International Gar to update guidelines with regard to these evolving functions.

Red Gakyil Shared Responsibilities –
·         Develop, maintain and manage all the physical and organizational structures and facilities of Tsegyalgar East;
·         Prepare annual and multiannual construction plans to submit to the Gakyil and the Community for approval;
·         Prepare annual and multiannual maintenance plans;
·         Develop appropriate construction plans and blue prints, collaborate with the Yellow Gakyil on relevant budgets, acquire bids for specific construction work, purchasing/rental of equipment, hardware, etc.;
·         Supervise, monitor and evaluate construction projects and draft relevant reports;
·         Acquire relevant construction permits from regional and state governmental bodies;
·         Collaborate with the whole Gakyil in the implementation of ongoing and retreat-related vendor services;
·         Collaborate with the whole Gakyil in recruitment and management of human resources and the development of relevant policies and procedures.

Yellow Gakyil Shared Responsibilities –
·         Oversee the financial management and administration of all activities in accordance with legal requirements;
·         Ensure transparency and accountability of Tsegyalgar’s financial administration;
·         Prepare yearly budgets and balance sheets to be submitted for approval to the Gakyil and the DCA;
·         Coordinate work with the secretary regarding income and disbursements;
·         Manage accounts and administrative problems together with the Accountant;
·         Manage and monitor membership and human resource issues;
·         Support Lings with membership issues;
·         Manage contracts and payments for Vajra Dance and Yantra Yoga local and international teachers and translators, prepare final reports for each course and update the information on the collaboration site;
·         Appoint and train a team leader for registration during the principal retreats with Rinpoche;
·         Assign work/study awards;
·         Monitor expenses and procurement of contracts with utility suppliers;
·         Support Tsegyalgar office for membership and payment issues during retreats and courses;
·         General computer skills are essential with an emphasis on Microsoft Office, Excel and Quickbooks.
·         Accounting and budgeting capabilities are necessary to track expenses. Fundraising experience is useful.

Since it is useful to overlap terms, it would be very helpful for those who apply to join within one month of the ending term for that position.
This next year will see the exciting 30 Year Anniversary Festival Celebration of Tsegyalgar East, including the Inauguration of the Vajra Hall on Khandroling and a retreat with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, so individuals living within a reasonable commute of the Gar are preferred.

Putting yourself forward as a candidate does not mean that you have been selected. By showing your interest now you will have the opportunity to talk in depth with the current Gakyil and Gekö who are available to give all necessary explanations. The ultimate selection of candidates lies with Rinpoche; all names are forwarded for his approval.

It is important that candidates come forward early, so we would appreciate it if letters of interest could be submitted for the open positions as soon as possible to  We hope that many people will present themselves to manifest the vision of our beloved Master. Offering our time and our commitment to carry forward the work of the Dzogchen Community is a way to concretely demonstrate our gratitude for everything we’ve been given.

With warm regards,
The Tsegyalgar East Gakyi

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