Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Report on the August 25 Meeting at Tsegyalgar East with the International Gakyil of the Dzogchen Community

[photo courtesy of the Mirror]

Scott Townell, who is a member of Tsegyalgar East and of the International Gakyil, gave the presentation which was about some of the changes being implemented to bring to fruition Rinpoche's vision of a Global Gar, a true representation of the International Dzogchen Community.  Other IG members who attended the meeting online were Julian King-Salter, Mark Farrington and Enrico Dell'Angelo.

The main document he discussed was Tsegyalgar Five Key Points made accessible to interested people prior to the meeting.  The Five Key Points are:

1) Establish the governing, managing, administrative and coordinating bodies of the International Dzogchen Community.
2) The legal & institutional alignment of Gars, Lings and any other related organization with the IDC
3) Membership management system and Members Data Base
4) Develop and make available a value-added suite of services for the Global Community
5) Develop a financial support system for the Community

Scott covered each of the points and delineated the first three steps of decisions for Tsegyalgar East to make:

I That the Tsegyalgar East Gakyil adopts as its aim that its members become members of IDC as well as of Tsegyalgar East and a Ling (if applicable) by the end of 2014. (possibly even at the time of membership renewal 2014. 
II. That Tsegyalgar East aims to have statutes in place to align with IDC by the time Rinpoche arrives to celebrate Tsegyalgar East's 30th anniversary, at which time a formal signing ceremony could take place. 
III. That the gakyil renewal notices, as positions fall vacant, include as additional criteria the need for Gakyil members who have skills and capacity to enjoy the work of establishing the legal framework for this transition. (it is also suggested that Gakyil renewal process should become more of a selection than election process); IG is happy to support this process.

It was decided by those present as well as those online that the decision should be taken up at the next Gakyil meeting on Sept. 8 at 12:30 pm at the Schoolhouse.

The remainder of the meeting consisted of a question and answer session in which IG members clarified various aspects of the process and listened to statements from those present.

The recording of the meeting will soon be up on the website for members.  An announcement will go out when it is ready.

Following the meeting, there was a community meeting addressing the application of Anna Bartenstein for the open Blue Gakyil position.  She was unanimously selected so her name will be sent to Rinpoche for confirmation.

Elisa Gonzales, Blue Gakyil
Tsegyalgar East

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