Sunday, June 22, 2014

Breaking News: Most All Fundraising Campaigns Meet Their Goals but More to Go

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, most of the independent fundraising efforts we featured have met their goals. These include the Gurdjieff Kickstarter by Margit Martinu to help bring the Gurdjieff Sacred Movements performers to Tsegyalgar for the 30th Anniversary.

Jeremy  Keaton, the young man from Ohio wanting to meet Rinpoche also met his goal,  writing the following:
"I noticed that you included my donation page for the retreat at the bottom of one of the blog posts and then again in a dedicated blog post for my page. I wanted to express my deep gratitude for you assisting me in this. I think the blog posts had the biggest impact on my page and I was wondering why there was a sudden spike in donations for a few days.  Thanks so much!!! :)"

Uma Shannon who appealed to us to help her raise money to attend the Hartt summer dance intensive From Studio to Stage also achieved her goal 100%

Australian writer Jan Cornall met her goal to hold a book signing in New York and help pay for her trip. 

The two remaining fundraising campaigns in need of attention are the ATMA/Shang Shung Institute in need of financial support for the Second Annual Tibetan medicine conference at the Rubin in NYC and Olympia Shannon with 52 hours remaining. 

The Second Annual Tibetan Medicine Conference at the Rubin Museum is  especially in need to attention. Enormous efforts have gone into creating this conference by bringing together some of the leading Tibetan doctors.  Choegyal Namkhai Norbu is the keynote speaker.  See the following: 

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