Sunday, June 8, 2014

HOUSING ALERT: Rooms Available for 30th Anniversary Celebration and Retreat

Hello Dzogchen Community,

Here are four  housing options offered by our neighbors for the Tsegyalgar 30th Celebration, Inauguration of the Vajra Hall, and retreat with Rimpoche.. To find complete details, or to search our whole array of housing options, go to the Tsegyalgar 30th Celebration home page, and click on  housing  or   “Mass. Accommodations” .  We look forward to seeing you in July! 

1) Our Khandroling neighbor Marie Stella writes to say she has one room available at Beaver Lodge in July for the festival and retreat. It is the "Green Room" on the first floor of the lodge, with two twin beds and its own bath. It rents for $50./ night per person. 
Enjoy kitchen privileges and the comfort of a Leed Platinum  certified home and environmental learning center at 719 Barnes Road in Ashfield, about one mile from Khandroling. 

The lodge will be full, with nine  Australian dancers from Namgyalgar upstairs!
Here is a photo of the Green Room on the Beaver Lodge site:


2) Our Buckland neighbors Cyndy and Pat Weeks at Bird's Nest Bed and Breakfast write to say they have two rooms available at this time.
The Bird's Nest is at 2 Charlemont Rd in Buckland.!/page_home

3) Due to a cancellation, the Bull Frog Bed & Breakfast is now available throughout the entire period of the festival and retreat, July 8 - 20. For 29 years, Lucille Thibault has run a B & B at her home on the road from Tsegyalgar to Khandroling. Over the years she has hosted many people coming to retreats, in all seasons. We recommend her highly! Her country home can sleep up to 6 people in three non-smoking rooms, available from $70. up.  Lucille likes things the old fashioned way -- she has no website, no email. You will want to telephone her to make arrangements. French spoken!

Lucille Thibault
1629 Conway Road
Ashfield, MA 01330
(413) 628- 4493

4) In Conway, our neighbor Pam McCormack has a bed & breakfast with 3 rooms at "Conway House", 364 Reeds Bridge Road. And she offers  cranio-sacral and lymphatic therapy.

Pam McCormack
Healingtherapies.pam (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Remember:  to search other housing options, go to the Tsegyalgar 30th Celebration home page, and click on “Mass. Accommodations” 

[Photo taken off Google images at one of the many farms in Ashfield, MA typical of our region]

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