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Part 1 of 2 ASIA Announcement of New Projects - The Derge Primary School

“The last time I went to Tibet for example, a few years ago, I saw some Tibetan children who had just finished school and were walking on the street. I stopped for a while there and gave the children some pens and I spoke to them asking them which class they were in, what they were studying etc. When I spoke I used the east Tibetan dialect, which they could still understand, but they replied to me in Chinese. After a little I told them that it was very useful for them to study Chinese but that they should understand that Chinese and Tibetan are two different languages. I told them that I was talking to them in Tibetan and they were replying in Chinese, but that they should reply in Tibetan. Then they answered saying a word which meant ‘it’s true, it’s correct’ but in Chinese! “

-- Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

In 2011 ASIA started the long distance sponsorship project. 
The aim of ASIA’s Long Distance Sponsorship project is to safeguard the cultural identity of Tibetan people and to empower them providing the skills needed to face present social and economic challenges. It is one of the first ASIA projects, started in 1994. In these years, thanks to the participation of many sponsors, we have been able to support at distance:

• 3000 children
• 400 monks
• 140 eldest
• 250 students at High school and University
• Long distance support is also a strong intense relationship that connects two people who are very distant.
• To cement this union – the letters, drawings, and photographs that ASIA local staff delivers and gathers during his travels.
In Amdo at least twice a year, Yangjeb Dorjie, who is in charge of long distance support, goes to visit all the schools. He speaks to the head masters and the teachers, takes account of the situation, gathers news and requests, and checks that the children are attending class and that they are well.He speaks to them, takes their photos to send to their distance supporters and delivers letters. Bundles of letters!

RECENTLY we received the urgent request for support for two projects:

Derge Primary School

Derge primary school is located in Derge County, Ganze prefecture, Sichuan Chinese province.Derge County, One of the most important spiritual and cultural centers in east Tibet, it is the birthplace of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. The request came from Derge Gomchen, a large Sakyapa Monastery founded by Thang Thon Gyalpo in XIV° century. Derge Parkhang, one of the most important cultural, social, religious and historical institutions in Tibet. Because of this, at the request of Derge Gomchen Monastery, in 2011 ASIA built a primary school, one of the few in the whole province of Sichuan that teaches Tibetan. This Project is especially important because In East Tibet government policies prohibit the use of the Tibetan language.

The old school, before ASIA intervention

The new Derge Primary School below built by ASIA

The founder, Khenpo Sonam, just issued a warning that the school will not receive subsidies from the government and the monastery is no longer able to provide food, medicine and school supplies to the children. The families of the pupils are too poor to contribute to the costs.

Therefore, we are seeking sponsorship for the children housed at the Derge Primary school who risk having to interrupt their studies. Rinchen and his classmates want to study Tibetan. See the group photo below of kids awaiting sponsors. 

 To start a long distance sponsorship of a child in Derge:


$675USD per year SCHOLARSHIP for a child to continue to high school and/or college.

To make general donations or sponsorship payments: 

1) BY CHECK ~ 
Please make check out to "ASIA" & mail to:

P.O. Box 124
Conway, MA 01341-0124 USA

Peoples' United Bank
45 Federal Street
Greenfield, MA 01310
Account# 6500369623
Routing# 221172186

Go to Paypal & "make payment" to

Please include name, address, email & phone number.
If you have any questions, please contact Andrea
Thank you.

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