Sunday, June 29, 2014

Buckland’s Dawn by Bret Bourman


Buckland's Dawn

Whorls of Buckland’s darkening 
Beds to rest in streams 
Of emerald currents searching out a low.
Dreaming of an ocean 
Hemmed along her shore, 
Reflection stands the stars upon her floor.

Drawn, the breath of mountain 
Catches dew and sows 
A kiss of mist into the shadowed air. 
Sweet, the heather raises 
Beauty’s evening smile 
To glistening sigh from daylight’s turn, let go.

Followed, whispering echoes, 
Cast upon the stones, 
Fall disappeared into her caverns’ arms, 
Settling in the stillness, 
Embedding hallowed walls 
Of midnight’s womb, securing Buckland’s dawn.

Bret Bourman

[Photo by Adhishakti Laila Reiss]

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