Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fundraising Status Updates

We recently received notice of several fundraising campaigns for Community members or for projects within the Community. In order to facilitate reaching their goals, here is an update on each one.

Please take a look at all the unique gifts and offerigns for people who donate to the indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the historic 2nd Annual Tibetan Medicine Conference at the Rubin Museum - July 25-27, 2014. They need our help here. 

Another campaign underway is Margit Martinu’’s Kickstarter to help bring participants performing the sacred Gurdjieff Movements for the 30th Anniversary. These movements are part of the heritage of some of the early founding members of the Community. Margit is both an authorized Gurdjieff Movements teacher as well as a Vajra Dance instructor. Donors will also recieve special offerings for their generosity

Uma Shannon needs help to continue her dance education by attending the summer program she received a partial scholarship.

Jan Cornall will participate in the Tsegyalgar/Namgyalgar Dance competition during our 30th Anniversary. She will also teach a writing workshop Seize the Moment on July 15 at the Mohawk School. While in NYC she will read at the renowned Bowery Poetry Club on July 7. To help pay for her trip Jan embarked on a Indiegogo campaign and needs your help. 

Individual Fundraising Efforts to attend Retreats with Choegyal Namkhai Norbu

Jeremy Keaton’s Offering Bowl Campaign

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