Sunday, July 20, 2014

Modern Tibetan Dancing at Tsegyalgar

[Reprinted from 30th Anniversary FB - Modern Tibetan Dancing Khandroling July 12 Inauguration]

Each Evening here at Tsegyalgar East there is a rigorous schedule of Tibetan modern dancing and singing with Choegyal Namkhai Norbu during our retreat with him. Increasingly an important training in our Community, the following explanations serve to increase our understanding of the meaning. Photos and a story are forthcoming from an individual or individuals actively involved or check back with The Mirror Online at and our 30th Anniversary Facebook Page for marvelous postings on events. 

Photo by Paula Barry, CHNNR watching modern Tibetan dancing in Tenerife


“Any movement you do is Yantra", just like you are doing Yantra Yoga or doing meditation, some exercise. Milarepa said "there is no difference" because depend you, what you do everything, dealing with. Even if you are only jumping, but if you are jumping with presence, relaxed, then it become useful. If you are interested of teachings Sutra, teachings Tantra, teachings Dzogchen, Anuyoga, everything is coming from Tibet. When I was in Tenerife last year, then I am listening some of this Tibetan music, songs, etc... and I discovered how they are singing, they are communicating happiness, a sort of feeling, and situation, which kind of difficulties they have they are bringing in the melody, this is how we do in Dzogchen Teaching. 

We try to understand which is the real situation, we do our best, for that reason I am thinking ...oh, it is necessary, we should learn songs and listening well Tibetan songs. 

 What do you need to do when you are dancing?...when you are dancing...coordinate, must being present. That means you are being present, otherwise you couldn't dance, but if you are present when you are dancing you relax also, even jumping, not necessary charging, you jump relaxed, then it become also good for you, no? It helps. 

Dancing, relaxing, being present, knowing that...this is practice, no? This is practice. No? How is it? Choegyal Namkhai Norbu reprinted from the Dzamling Gar website

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Khaita - Harmony in the Space

These words and the symbol (the golden infinite knot of love on our globe) were chosen by our Master few months ago in Dzamling Gar to represent all activities of Dzogchen Community related to movements and sounds.
Khaita Joyful Dances, Vajra Dance and Yantra Yoga are all part of this.

By Adriana Dal Borgo

[Reprinted from 30th Anniversary FB - Performance Saturday July 12 of Tibetan modern dances]

 [Tsegyalgar Tibetan modern dancers after Saturday night performance repritned form Khaita FB page]

Another online resource is the following blog where you can download the songs and videos.

In honor of our 30th Anniversary, here’s an early You Tube video of Tibetan Step Dancing at Shang Shung Institute at the yellow schoolhouse in Conway, MA in 1998/1999 during one of our early "Tibetan Family Days" posted in 2006 with over 5000 views. Chen and Chime, TIPA trained musicians from Boston part of Chaksampa, lead us in our first humble dance class. 

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