Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tsegyalgar’s Winning Team, Dream Dancer

Dream Dancer
Tsegyalgar East

The curtain opens on a Community’s ceremonial celebration.  By virtue of the infinite love within the Community, a young child manifests.  She is the Dream Dancer.   She begins to explore her surroundings and soon falls into a dream upon a Rainbow.  During the dream she experiences dance throughout the ages, and discovers that each dance bestows upon her the knowledge of one of the 5 elements. When she awakens from her dream she is surrounded by her Community and its celebration of the Rainbow Body.  Everyone in the audience is encouraged to join in the festivities and to continue dancing together beyond time and space.

The Dream Dancer's Dream

Yellow Earth: 
Yeha Noha, Native American Dance, choreographed by Jakub Muller

White Water: 
Wade in the Water, American Spiritual, choreographed by Alicia Manica

Red Fire: 
It don’t mean a thing, American Swing Jazz, choreographed by Alicia Manica and Bret Bourman

Green Air: 
Footloose, choreographed by Alicia Manica

Blue Space: 
Mirror, choreographed by Alicia Manica

Vogue, choreographed by Leela Whitcomb Hewitt and Alicia Manica

Liberetto and sequential choreography by Bret Bourman

Lauri Denyer: Costume Designer
Paula Barry and Gabe Marder: Costume Crew

Sadie (Dream Dancer)

Jessica Waggenbeek
Martina Kacurova
Sarale Lizdas
Leela Whitcob Hewitt
Naomi Zeitz
Laila Reiss
Alicia Manica (Dream Dancer's dream self)
Nathan Waggenbeek
Jakub Miller
Thomas Keidel
Jim Valby
Will Shea
Gerry Steinberg

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