Sunday, July 13, 2014

Preview of Exquisite Auction Items

 On Saturday, July 19 following the ganapuja, there will be a fundraising auction at the Yellow Schoolhouse in Conway to help support the many projects at Tsegyalgar East. The fundraising committee is currently seeking high-end items of value to auction off.  Please read the directives about submitting an item and contact Mark Follansbee, the fundraisng chair, if you have any questions. 

The following items will be auctioned off:

Item #1 Gorgeous rupa of Goma Devi with Longsal symbol who belongs to the precious cycle of teachings The luminous clarity of the universe, heart essence of the Dakini (Klong chen 'od gsal mkha' 'gro 'i snying thig), which was received by Master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu through a series of revelations in dreams from 1985 to 2007. Dimensions TBA. The statue is filled with precious substances and jewels prepared and empowered by Rinpoche himself.

Item # 2. Watercolor of Goma Devi by Glen Eddy. Towards the end of his life, the thangka painter Glen Eddy began to execute water colors of Goma Devi, Green Tara, and Mandarava. Here is an excellent Goma Devi portrayed with the Longsal symbol and a Vajra Dance Mandala. The water color is beautifully mounted in a gold frame and authenticated by Rinpoche.

Item #3 is a finely crafted bell and dorje in brocade case donated by Lama Tsultrim Allione for another auction in 1996. It is 6 3/4 inches high

Item #4 is an Unusual large antique Thangka. Features mandalas of Amitabha and figures from the Bardo. In 2012 ChNNR said the writing on the back looks Nepalese, the mandalas are an idiosyncratic mix, the central figure is Yangdak Heruka. Overall dimensions including the mounting fabric = 69" x 44”

Further details from this Thangka:

As NEW items come in, we will preview them online here. 

Statue fo Garab Dorje: Well most importantly it is a gold plated statue authenticated by Rinpoche with precious relics inside and handmade in Nepal specially for Dzogchen Community.
Matthew Schmookler writes:
Not as important is that I won it maybe 7 years ago at an international lottery for SSI. I bought one ticket :) then some years later I dedicated it to ssi's new space in Northampton. Now as an alumni of the school of Tibetan Medicine, in recognition of the great value the school has to offer both people and Tsegyalgar I'd like to offer it back as a small token of my appreciation and a way for me to participate in this year’s events.
Our Newest items as of 7/10/2014

One ring, gold with sapphire and diamonds

One ring, silver with green stones ( I do not know what kind of stone)

Three large prints of Goma Devi in mats. Size 22" x 28"
Or without mat, size 16" x 22"
Painted by Kay Konrad, a Dzogchen Community member from Germany.

A Tibetan Medical Thanka authenticated by Choegyal Namkhai Norbu

More items to be dispalyed for Preview soon!

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