Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Countdown is On

Here’s our most recent update from the Tsegyalgar/Namgyalgar Dance competition and costume team sent to us by Bret Bourman. He writes the following:

Lauri Denyer, our Community's costume designer, is busy at work with her daughter Gabe Marder as they construct costumes for  Tsegyalgar's Dancers and the 30th Celebration's dance competition**.  Paula Barry has also contributed to this joyous and colorful undertaking.  The rotating shifts in this department have been at it non-stop to prepare for the upcoming weekend.

This 4th of July weekend in New York City, Naomi Zeitz and Jim Valby stole a moment for themselves to practice their smooth moves in the foyer of the retreat with ChNN.

Alicia Manica and Bret Bourman are on the boards when things are quiet and cool on these late summer nights.

The troop rehearses daily this week and welcomes everyone to attend what they hope will be very enjoyable performances next weekend.

Come Join the Dance!

**Sunday Afternoon, July 13, 2014
Dance Competition Tsegyalgar vs Namgyalgar
2:00 PM in the Mohawk Regional High School Auditorium

FYI You can get a sneak peak at the Friday night concert-see the sidebar or program schedule. 

[Photos by Bret Bourman]

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