Monday, September 19, 2016

COMING SOON: Fire on the Mountain, Practicing Together at Tsegyalgar East in Your Own Words

Summer 2016 on Khandroling by Kathleen Fekete

I am currently writing  a story "Fire on the Mountain: Practicing Together at Tsegyalgar East.

One of the aspects of our July 2016 Summer Celebration I was impressed with was the presence of small enclaves of Community members from all over the US/world who have met for years to practice together--most not associated with any particular Ling or Gar who navigated to come together this summer at Tsegyalgar East.  I'd like to add to this article a few quotes from people who would like to comment on their experience in this regard. 

Photo by John Shannon of offerings for Fire Puja offering on Sunday, September 17, 2016 on Khandroling

I am also looking for quotes about personal experiences practicing on Khandroling since many people over the years past and present do retreats on the land. Cabins are booked from May through late November. Tell us what it means to you. 

In my experience here at ground zero and that of many others who live close to Tsegyalgar East, there is a largely unacknowledged pool of individuals who collaborate day in and day out, practice together and support many projects year after year. We are the ones who keep the home fires burning, so to speak. 

Photo by John Shannon of Simhamukha fire puja on Khandroling, September 17, 2016

And then too there are the many live webcasts that bring us together both with Rinpoche and with Tsegyalgar East thanks to our Geko Jeremy who is skilled at this and dedicates himself to cover most pujas through-out the year. . 

Thanks as ever for your participation, your support  and your voice. I  look forward to hearing from some of you. Let's celebrate the unique richness of our community here and everywhere!

Detail of flames surrounding the outer circumference of the Universal Mandala on Khandroling

We are the flame that melts conceptual mind
We are the flame that protects the indestructible mandala 
We are the flame that dances in the fire
We are the flame that kindles endless compassion
one candle at a time


Photo courtesy of Rosemary Rawcliffe

Jacqueline Gens
Tsegyalgar East

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