Tuesday, September 6, 2016

News about Dzogchen Community Member, Jim Raschick

Tsegyalgar East is sorry to report that we were just informed that long-time student of Choegyal Namkhai Norbu and early member of the California Ling recently suffered a major heart attack and is currently unconscious. Please keep him in your practice. As poon as we know, more details,  we will post further information. 

Author of the book, Beyond the Box of Space and Time, the following biography appear on Jim's Amazon Book page. 

Jim Raschick has spent more than 30 years researching the world views of traditional societies along with the study of modern physics. During this time he has traveled the world extensively studying with acclaimed teachers and spiritual masters on a one-to-one basis, seeking an understanding of the interplay between physical reality and the nature of mind. He has circumambulated Mt. Kailash; participated in the discovery of the lost Himalayan city of Kyung Lung; and founded the first hot tub company in California.

The following letter by Melinda was received about Jim's condition:

Dear Friends,

Jim Raschick collapsed at ecstatic dance Sunday. He went into cardiac arrest, There were a number of people there, that were very knowledgable about CPR and performed this on him for 20 mins or so. Jim started to breathe on his own again.He is still unconscious but his body and vitals are stable. He is undergoing a chilling treatment for the health of his brain and on heart medicine.
He is in the care of some very capable doctors. Jim as you know him is very healthy and in good shape so he's got the best chance that he could have to come out on top. He is in the Hilo Hospital.They will preform a MRI soon. 

I will be traveling to the mainland Wednesday and will not be able to go there for 3 weeks.  Two  Dzogchen Practitioners  will be going to the Hilo hospital to sing the Song of the Vajra and recordings of Rinpoche singing and the dance music being played in his room.

He loves you very much, keep him in your practice. He has been an inspiration and very supportive of all of our practice. Loosing him will be a great loss to the entire community.

Tashi Delegs,


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