Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Khaita Dancers to Perform at the Festival of the Hills on October 2, 2016

Khaita is really the bridge for people who are outside the Dzogchen Community. We have Vajra Dance and Yantra Yoga and, of course, there are some parts that you can present to the general public, but with Khaita you can bring the teaching outside the Community without saying a single word about meditation, practice, or spirituality. You can reach many people with Khaita and pass along the messages that are in the songs: messages of peace, evolution, and collaboration. We can pass along all these messages through dance.

Adriana Dal Borga reprinted from the Mirror

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The Khaita Dancers of Tsegyalgar East will be performing next at the Conway festival of Hills on October 2, 2016  

Khaita Dancers will dance in the parade at the Festival of the Hills. The parade leaves from OESCO across Route 116 from the Schoolhouse at 1pm, and runs for about 1/2 mile.

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