Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fire on the Mountain: Nary Mitchell in his Own Words

Just last Wednesday, Nary wrote the following to Ingmar on her Facebook message: 
I have felt that my time and skills were a poor repayment for the precious teachings that I received from CNN!...Since when can you get such is so rare that i have wondered many times why I have been so fortunate to be alive at this time and, why it has seemed almost effortless for me to do projects for this community...I could never repay what I have been blessed with...That is a personal opinion of course..after I met Norbu at OZ I met many other teachers within the next 10 years so I realized that at some point in my previous lives I had been a serious practitioner and clearly I was on a powerful path and that it would do me well to pay attention to what was manifesting around me!!!

Nary on his knees polishing the ground cement floor of the massive 
Universal Mandala on Khandroling

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