Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fire on the Mountain: One, Two, Three Candles - Ingmar's Story

Ingmar Pema Dechen -Visionary Artist

"Life is interesting and wonderful. Our little living room practice circle, every Saturday morning is one expression of one candle at a time.

Practicing together with S.  and me here in Mississippi are Zen practitioner H, and Zen practitioner, local teacher and yoga instructor M. Both plan to become welcome card members of the Dzogchen Community in 2017.  
My heart wish is they will both go forward to attend many events and retreats of the community in the future. R, who became a member of the community two or three years ago now, drives over on a weekday from Louisiana every couple of months and we practice together. She works on weekends.
The one candle, two candles, three candles for me is the homey way -- a kitchen cup of tea and some practice in the living room. With webcast transmissions of direct introduction and lungs, this is possible, simple, and tucks into any cultural circumstance, in any age and circumstance."

Ingmar is a long time practitioner and member of the Dzogchen Community. She has listened to EVERY webcast by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu since 2005. She recently became a member of the Khandroling Paper Cooperative and has donated many original paintings for future Community fundraising. She also collaborates on the Mansion of Elements project by matching her original art of astrological animal/element combinations to our annual Losar poems. She is now working on the Fire Rooster for next year.

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