Thursday, September 8, 2016

End of Summer/Harvest Practices and Community Picnic on Khandroling

[Photo by Kathleen Fekete, August 2016]

Join us for a series of informal practices on Upper Khandroling as our Summer draws to an end.

Sunday, Sep 11
10am - 12:30pm   Vajra Dance Practice (11am Scheduled Vajra Dance Tun) 
2:30pm   Joyful Khaita Dance
3:30pm   Scheduled Vajra Dance

Wednesday-Friday September 13-16
Vajra Dance Practice session 10am-1pm

Saturday September 17

Vajra Dance Practice Session 10am-1pm
Fire Puja (with Simhamukha system) at 5pm
Please bring some offerings as follows:
•pacify obstacles: black sesame seed
•purification: white sesame seeds
•purify Illness: wheat 
•increase physical force: yellow pea
•specific increase (crop and money etc): barley un-husked
•calming negative force: white mustered seed
•wealth and power: red flower (dried), rice (red rice- it can be colored) 

Sunday, Sep 18
10am - 1pm Scheduled Vajra Dance Practice
Potluck Picnic by the pond
3pm - 5pm Joyful Khaita Dance

More practice days will be posted.

Come and enjoy last summer days at Khandroling!

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