Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Update on Nary Mitchell

The following message was received from Jeremy regarding Nary Mitchell who has now been been admitted to Baystate Springfield, 413-794-0000, Medical ICU.

Photo by Jacqueline Gens, Joe Zurylo, Yuchen Namkhai and Nary on Lower Khandroling farm, 2014

Dear friends, 
I want to try to let as many people as I can know what is going on with Nary Mitchell. I found him roughly 6 hours ago having trouble breathing, unconscious, unable to wake him up. He was taken to a hospital and the doctor there said that he has bleeding in the brain and will most likely not make it. He has been transferred to another hospital.
Nary is currently on life-support and awaiting the arrival of family members. According to doctors he will not survive going off life support. Numerous friends and practitioners are with him singing the Song of the Vajra.  

Nary was working on Rinpoche's cabin roof when he collapsed. A dedicated and hard worker, Nary excelled in permaculture, building maintenance, and numerous creative expressions of his love for flora and fauna. 

Nary working on the Vajra Hall 

A jovial friend to all and famous for his lengthy conversations on ANY topic, we are with him at this time.

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